venerdì 9 marzo 2018

Pergamon Museum

The Chinese delegation arrived in Berlin, Germany on March 8, 2018. 丁立人 (Dīng Lìrén) came accompanied by his second 韦奕 (Wéi Yì), his coach 徐俊 (Xú Jùn), and Chinese Chess Association’s Delegate & Vice General Secretary 田红卫 (Tián Hóngwèi). Once checked in at the hotel, they discovered with surprise that they had not been the first to arrive. Russian Grandmaster Vladimir Borisovich Kramnik, indeed, was already there, escorted by two “super helpers”: Anish Giri, and Evgeny Yurievich Tomashevsky. “It seems that everybody pays great attention to this competition”, 田红卫 (Tián Hóngwèi) smilingly said.
The Candidates Tournament will start on March 10.

From left: 徐俊 (Xú Jùn), 丁立人 (Dīng Lìrén), 韦奕 (Wéi Yì), and 田红卫 (Tián Hóngwèi). Photo:

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