domenica 13 maggio 2018

Breaking Free Day by Day

居文君 (Jū Wénjūn) (right) presented herself still wearing her sponsored uniform with a “中国移动” (“China Mobile”) logo on it and a more cheerful look. Instead, 谭中怡 (Tán Zhōngyí) (centre) showed off a black floral top and a confident smile, just like the other sponsor, 莱茵体育 (Lander Sports), wants her to act in the limelight of a Women’s World Chess Championship showdown.
The 7th game did not offer much in terms of individual differences and styles, and ended symmetrically as a draw. In the post-game press conference, moderated by the press attaché 谷笑冰 (Gǔ Xiàobīng) (left) as usual, 谭中怡 (Tán Zhōngyí) said: “I had seen an opportunity for an attack, just for realising then the flaws I had overlooked. Really a bad surprise, but fortunately, nothing irreparable. So I’d say that the result is acceptable”. On her turn 居文君 (Jū Wénjūn) said: “The opening developed along stable lines. Subsequently, I felt White stood quite better, but fortunately not enough to win”.
Tomorrow is a free day – the fourth rest day so far. So it’s not the case to waste it! Photos:

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