martedì 15 maggio 2018

Comma Chameleon

After the 8th game of the “莱茵体育杯” (“Lander Sports Cup”) Women’s World Chess Championship showdown, 居文君 (Jū Wénjūn) (centre) still leads 4½ – 3½, but the challenger missed today a big opportunity to end the match. 谭中怡 (Tán Zhōngyí) (right) appeared for the start of the game as radiant as ever, after enjoying the laziness of her free day in her comfortable hotel room. She calmly hanged her jacket and sat down, with her cup of coffee next to her. On the contrary, 居文君 (Jū Wénjūn) seated with closed eyes as usual, performing her ritual to clear her mind, to empty her thoughts of everything except her Schachnovelle.
They both gave the game an unusual shape, so as to improvise rather than act. Amid complications, Black pushed a bit too hard, but, on her turn, White missed quite a crystal clear refutation at the 27th move. In the post-game press conference, both 谭中怡 (Tán Zhōngyí) and 居文君 (Jū Wénjūn) exchanged enthusiastically their views on their reciprocal “blind spot”, and, finally, 重庆 (Chóngqìng)’s girl succeeded in persuading the press attaché 谷笑冰 (Gǔ Xiàobīng) (left) that everything simple is true: “I really didn't see it”.
Finally, 谷笑冰 (Gǔ Xiàobīng) asked them, “Who are the male players you most admire?”. They smiled mischievously. 谭中怡 (Tán Zhōngyí) was asked to answer first. She thought for a moment, then smilingly said: “丁立人 (Dīng Lìrén)”. 居文君 (Jū Wénjūn) thought a little longer, and after a deep breath she named Kramnik. Just immediately, 谭中怡 (Tán Zhōngyí) specified that she only named her “number one” in China, while the player she most admires in the world is Kasparov.
Well, keep in mind that not always only one answer is correct. Photos:

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