mercoledì 2 maggio 2018

Trading Places

Today starts at 浦西洲际酒店 (InterContinental Pǔxī Hotel) in 上海 (Shànghǎi), China the feature presentation of the “中国移动” (“China Mobile”) Women’s World Chess Championship match between 重庆 (Chóngqìng)’s Queen 谭中怡 (Tán Zhōngyí) and 上海 (Shànghǎi)’s Challenger 居文君 (Jū Wénjūn). Perhaps. So, let’s say it another way. According to FIDE’s program schedule, the opening ceremony will be held today, but yet no web site is available and no information is provided. The match will actually start on May 3, split between 上海 (Shànghǎi) (3–9 May) and 重庆 (Chóngqìng) (12–19 May).
At the very best it won’t be easy for the two Chinese women to draw the world’s attention to their “underdog” vis-à-vis, which should rehabilitate – in the intentions of FIDE’s lawmakers – the reputation and the validity of the “knockout lottery system”. Unlike men’s Candidates Tournament, women’s knockout lottery never designated a challenger, but rather it created a Women’s World Chess Champion duplicate, a lesser clone who, in order to gain legitimacy and title, has always been compelled to personally bid at the Queen’s Crown’s auction, for the joy of the casino’s cashier.
And thus, it’s up to them now. Don’t let ’em alone till we have made ’em equal unto us.

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