mercoledì 2 maggio 2018

Women in Chess

Good news for women: Australian Grandmaster Ian Rogers and his wife Cathy – a competent photographer – are on the spot to follow the Women’s World Chess Championship match, with immediate benefits for the visitors of the newly FIDE’s dedicated web site, who can already admire a lot of beautiful pictures!
In one of his last tweets, Rogers vaguely describes an atmosphere a bit reminiscent – with reversed languages – of the last Women’s World Championship match staged in Ukraine two years ago: “Team of 4 commentators, in Mandarin only. Technical meeting imposes tough security rules – no pens, watches, half hour transmission delay. So broadcasts will start at 3.30 上海 (Shànghǎi) time”.
Probably he is only joking, or pleading to “get a rise” out of somebody.
“Abandon all hope, you who enter here”.
Anyway, all jokes aside, it’s time to get back to chess (but at what time is not absolutely certain).

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