mercoledì 13 giugno 2018


Yesterday afternoon I went to the Secretariat of the People’s House in Grassina to define the last details of our dance showdown. On the way upstairs I came across the painting pictured above, which someone had laid down on the floor. I just took a photo. Once upstairs, I spoke about various matters with the People’s House President, who, in spite of his 87 years, is always very young and enthusiast! He told me he dined with Enrico Berlinguer, once upon a time in West Berlin. By chance. “He treated me like an equal, even though I was only a tertiary worker”, he said. When I finally leave, he just said, “Let’s hope to see each other even next year!”. Sure, I said. “I read on the newspaper that the European Space Agency’s Ariel mission is due for launch in 2028”, he added, “And sincerely I would like to see it happen!”.
We’ll do our best.

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