sabato 12 gennaio 2019

Elective Affinities

Haec est illa dies, magni quae conscia partus
Lucanum populis et tibi, Polla, dedit.
Heu! Nero crudelis nullaque invisior umbra,
debuit hoc saltem non licuisse tibi.

This is that day which, conscious of a great birth,
Gave Lucan to the nations and, Polla, to thee.
Ah, Nero! cruel, and for no death more hateful!
This deed at least should not have been permitted thee!

Martial, Epigrams, Book 7, XXI
English translation by Walter C. A. Ker

Pie Face by Banksy (2006) and his wife, the Woman with Petrarchino by Andrea del Sarto (c. 1528).

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