sabato 4 agosto 2018

Through the Barricades

On July 27, 2018 (that, at least, was the publication date of the news), the Vice President of the Chinese Chess Association Grandmaster 叶江川 (Yè Jiāngchuān), accompanied by two Queens of different colour, 7th Women’s World Chess Champion 谢军 (Xiè Jūn) and 13th Women’s World Chess Champion 侯逸凡 (Hóu Yìfán), met the teachers, the staff, and the students of the 优尔 (Yōuěr) Chess Club – of which 叶 (Yè) is also General Counsellor – in 沈阳 (Shěnyáng), 辽宁省 (Liáoníng province), China. The purpose of the visit was to define issues and eventually enroll the most promising talents in 北京 (Běijīng)’s National Chess Centre, thus repeating the stories of the two Women’s World Champions present. On the occasion, four-time Women’s World Chess Champion 侯逸凡 (Hóu Yìfán) was flaunting her now famous midnight black evening dress and matching décolleté shoes with plateau. Photo: 沈阳优尔国际象棋俱乐部 (Shěnyáng Yōuěr Chess Club).

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