giovedì 22 febbraio 2018

Conosco i segni de l’antica fiamma (I recognize the signals of the ancient flame)

Here, again, is Giuditta Sottili, Wednesdays and Fridays dancer of Associazione Culturale “Il Delta della Luna”, pictured in all her splendour on the day when she received her bachelor’s degree on Dantean Philology and Criticism from the University of Florence (Faculty of Letters and Philosophy) with her thesis entitled “Purgatorio XXX: problemi ecdotici e questioni esegetiche al ritorno di Beatrice” (“Purgatorio XXX: Textual criticism problems and exegetical questions to the return of Beatrice). No matter if, in the meantime and long before then, Beatrice has not solved her personal and intimate exegesis and doubts, because, anyway, Giuditta will continue her studies towards a master’s degree! My thanks again to Giuditta’s fellow dancer Ester Marra for her photo reportage!

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