venerdì 16 febbraio 2018


Tomorrow is Saturday and it’s going to be rainy and sunny, because there is no way for you to avoid the cosmic nemesis of the Associazione Culturale “Il Delta della Luna”’s Fischerandom chess meeting (as usual starting at 16,00).
Yes, surely someone could not be happy if you come. Just to take an example, Arcovazzi suffered terribly during the past (Fischerandom) week (not my fault!), but since he must pretend that nothing has happened, at least for tomorrow he could pretend You & I don’t exist too! And yes, just to take another example, his wife will continue to slander everyone who disagrees with her only and one husband, but do not be intimidated, she’s only trying to forgive herself for not divorcing him before their last celebrated wedding anniversary.

Credit: bún thiu XD

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